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Sothebys International price Guide 1986-1987 edition 
edited by John L. Marion 
8,000 objects, all illustrated 
736 pages, 64 in color 
More than 8,000 objects from $50.00 upwards: all amounts quoted are actual prices paid, not estimates. Completely new selection of antiques and collectibles from the previous year's edition. Priceless reference information including glossary of terms, biographical details of artists and craftsmen, maker's marks and charts. Hints on collecting in undervalued areas from ancient Egypt until today. Financial study of the art market with graphs. 
Prices are given in US dollars and British pounds plus the currency of where the auction was held. 
Preface, page 5 
List of Salesrooms, page 6 
Opportunities for Collectors, page 7 
An Economic Review of the Art Market, page 9 
Note Concerning Condition: dates of English & French monarchs and American Furniture Styles: abbreviations used in captions, page 10 
Furniture & Decorations, pages 11-119 
Regional characteristics in 18th century American chairs, pages 82-83 
Altered & restored furniture, pages 90-95 
Tunbridgeware, pages 114-117 
Color Illustrations, pages 161-173 
Textiles, pages 120-134 
Costume, pages 126-129 
Color Illustrations, pages 174-175 
Clocks and Watches, pages 135-160 
Wristwatches, pages 156-159 
Color Illustrations, pages 338-339 
Folk Art, pages 177-183 
Color Illustrations, page 176 
Instruments of Science & Technology, pages 184-194 
Color Illustrations, page 337 
Musical Instruments, pages 195-202 
Color Illustrations, pages 340-341 
Glass, pages 203-214 
Color Illustrations, pages 342-343 
European Ceramics, pages 215-283 
Italian Maiolica, pages 219-223 
Commemorative wares, pages 235-239 
Early 19th century English dinner services, pages 270-277 
Color Illustrations, pages 348-352 
Decorative Arts from 1880, pages 284-336 
Georg Jensen, pages 306-311 
Post-war Decorative Arts, pages 328-333 
Color Illustrations, pages 344-347 
Silver, pages 353-409 
Electroplate, pages 396-401 
Color Illustrations, pages 491-493 
Objects of Vertu, pages 410-420 
Color Illustrations, page 488 
Portrait Miniatures & Silhouettes, pages 421-429 
Silhouettes, pages 426-429 
Color Illustrations, page 489 
Russian Works of Art, pages 430-440 
Russian cloisonne enamel 1180-1917, pages 436-439 
Color Illustrations, page 490 
Judaica, pages 441-446 
European Works of Art, pages 447-468 
Ivories, pages 452-455 
Color Illustrations, pages 482-484 
19th & 20th Century Sculpture, pages 469-480 
19th century marble sculpture, pages 477-480 
Jewelry, pages 497-511 
The Giuliano Family, pages 502-505 
Color Illustrations, pages 494-496 
Orders, Medals & Decorations, pages 512-514 
Arms & Armor, pages 515-523 
Sports & Pastimes, pages 524-542 
Color Illustrations, page 485 
Toys & Dolls, pages 543-560 
Toy cars, pages 552-555 
Color Illustrations, pages 486-487 
Antiquities, pages 577-586 
Color Illustrations, page 561 
Pre-Columbian Art, pages 587-590 
Color Illustrations, page 562 
American Indian Art, pages 591-596 
Color Illustrations, page 561 
Tribal Art, pages 598-609 
African furniture, pages 608-609 
Color Illustrations, page 563 
Islamic Works of Art, pages 610-624 
Persian metalwork, pages 615-619 
Color Illustrations, pages 566-567 
Oriental Rugs & Carpets, pages 625-640 
Color Illustrations, pages 564-565 
Asian Works of Art, pages 641-652 
Tibetan bronzes, pages 648-652 
Color Illustrations, page 575 
Japanese Works of Art, pages 653-684 
Japanese prints, pages 663-669 
Color Illustrations, pages 568-571 
Chinese Works of Art, pages 685-729 
Ming blue & white porcelain, pages 706-710 
Color Illustrations, pages 572-574 
Index, pages 730-736 

ISBN: 0-86565-065-9 
The Vendome Press, NY 
Printed and bound in France 
Hardcover with dust jacket 

Issue Price $35.00 
FYI: this was number of the price guides that Sotheby's produced. A wonderful source of information and values. In mint NEW condition...almost 5 pounds of knowledge!

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