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Sothebys PERLS. 
Title, description: The Mr. And Mrs. Klaus G. Perls Collection Including Antiquities, Southeast Asian Art, Pre-Columbian Art, Tribal Art and American Indian Art.

86 pages, full color, very detailed descriptions about the various items sold at Sotheby's auctions in 1995.

18 Antiquities lots: A Greek Bronze Cup, 2 Hellenistic Lead-glazed Skyphoi, a Hellenistic Bronze Figure of a Dancing Satyr, a Roman Marble Figure of the God Sozon on Horseback, an Egyptian Limestone Relief Fragment, an Egyptian Wood Figure of a Man, an Egyptian Polychrome Limestone Figure of a Man, an Egyptian Wood Figure of a Lady, an Egyptian Granite Figure of a Man, a Banded Alabaster Canopic Jar, an Egyptian Granite Block Statue of the Prince & Scribe Amenhotep, an Egyptian Bronze Figure of the God Ptah with Worshippers, an Egyptian Limestone Relief Fragment, an Egyptian Limestone Votive Relief or Sculptor's Model, an Egyptian Green Faience Sistrum, an Egyptian Wood Mummy Mask, and an Assyrian Gypsum Relief Fragment from Room 1 of the North-west Palace of Assurnasirpal II at Nimrud. 
10 Southeast Asian lots: A Gandharan Gray Schist Relief Fragment of Buddha with Donors, a Large Gandharan Gray Schist Relief fragment, a Kushan Mottled Red Sabstone Railing Pillar, a South Indian Bronze Triad of Narasimba with Sridevi and Bhudevi, a South Indian Bronze Group of Shiva, Parvati & their child Skanda, a South Indian Bronze Figure of Shiva, a Red Sandstone figure of Buddha from Thailand, a Khmer sandstone figure of Vishnu, a Khmer sandstone figure of the Goddess Uma, and a Khmer Bronze Figure of Buddha. 
8 Pre-Columbia lots: A Nayarit female figure, a Mayan Jade Pendant, a Mayan Noblewoman, a Mayan Carved Bone, a Mayan Polychrome Vessel, a Mayan Mold-made Vessel, a Mayan Limestone Polychrome Relief Panel, and a Mayan Limestone Panel of a Ballplayer. 
13 Tribal lots:A Bamana Hermaphrodite Figure, a Bakota Reliquary Guardian Figure, a Rare Owo Ivory Crocodile Attachment, a Yombe Ivory Scepter, a Yombe Female Ivory Finial, a Benelula Warrior Figure, a Kongo Double Figure, a Admiralty Islands Hairpick, 2 New Ireland Malangan Figures, an Easter Islands Male Figure, a Maori Architectural Figure, and a Marquesas War Club. 
2 American Indian lots: A Tlingit comb & Tlingit wood pipe bowl.

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