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sale date: December 10, 2003. 
Sale location: San Francisco & Los Angeles. 

Title, description: California and American Paintings & Sculpture - 
AMERICAN PAINTINGS: lots 6000-6136. 
CALIFORNIA PAINTINGS: lots 6137-6345. 
Some of the artists included - these all have more than 1 painting in this catalog: Charles Bergman, Carl Oscar Borg, Maurice Braun, Benjamin Chambers Brown, Elbridge Ayer Burbank, Giuseppe Cadenasso, G. Russell Case, Harry Chase, Alson Skinner Clark, Bruce Crane, Rinaldo Cuneo, Andrew Dasburg, Maynard Dixon, Angel Espoy, Harold Gaze, Arthur Hill Gilbert, Selden Conner Gile, Percy Gray, Paul Grimm, Charles Henry Harmon, Sam Hyde Harris, Knute Heldner, Ernest Martin Hennings (cover lot), Aldro Thompson Hibbard, Thomas Hill, Anna Althea Hills, Clarence Keiser Hinkle, Frank Hoffman, Carl Jonnevold, William Keith, Emil Kosa Jr, Lorenzo Palmer Latimer, Sydney Laurence, Paul Lauritz, Helen Lundeberg, Jean Mannheim, Alfred R Mitchell, Mary Deneale Martin, George Demont Otis, Lawton Parker, Edgar Payne, Gary Ray, Granville Redmond, John Hubbard Rich, Charles Dorman Robinson, Carl Sammons, Birger Sandzen, Frederick Schafer, Karl Schmidt, Donna Schuster, Louis Siegriest, W. Jason Situ, Jack Wilkinson Smith, James Swinnerton, George Gardner Symons, Manuel Valencia, Elmer Wachtel, Marion Kavanaugh Wachtel, Gunnar Mauritz Widforss,and Eustace Paul Ziegler. 
Plus paintings by Oscar Edmund Berninghaus, Guy Rose, Charles Rollo Peters, Ludmilla Pilat Welch, William Dorsey, Joseph Kleitsch, Charles Marion Russell, Julian Rix, Robert Walter Weir, Jesse Arms Botke, Theodore Wores, Ernest Bruce Nelson, Euphemia Charleton Fortune, Charles Reiffel, William Wendt, Fritz Kocher, Elizabeth Nourse, John Singer Sargent, James Taylor Harwood, Dale Nichols, Everett Shinn, Edward Borein, Leonard Reedy, Leon Shulman Gaspard, John Ross Key and many, many more. 
2 sculptures: 1 each by Sandy Scott and Elie Nadelman 
There is a wonderful selection of paintings in this catalog, ALL shown in very good quality color photographs. This catalog is about 200 pages.

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