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Sothebys 6595. 
Sale location: NEW YORK. 
Sale date: September 21, 1994. 

American Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture
Property from the Estate of Alma G and Richard D Donchian
Property from an Eastern Academic Institution
Property offered by the Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Canada, sold to benefit the Collections Endowment Fund
Property from the Collection of Mr and Mrs L D Johnson
Property offered by the Joslyn Art Museum's Board of Governors sold to benefit the Acquisitions Fund
Property from the Estate of Harriet S Kelly
Property from the Trust of Irving Lazar
Property of The Mariners' Museum, sold to benefit the Acquisitions Program
Property from the Martin Memorial Library, York, Pennsylvannia
Property from the John W Mecom Jr Collection, Houston, Texas
Property from the Estate of Dr. John F Werderitsch
Property from the Estate of Howard A Wolf

Index of artists and number of lots if more than 1
Milton Avery (5),
Walter E Baum, Gifford Beal, Carroll Beckwith, Cecil C Bell, George Bellows, Edward Berge, Ernest Berke, Albert Bierstadt (6), Oscar Bluemner, Aaron Bohrod, Jessie Arms Botke (2), George Henry Boughton, Alfred T Bricher (2), Frederick Arthur Bridgman, John G Brown, Charles Burchfield, Theodore Earl Butler,
Harrison Cady (2), Arthur B Carles, Dines Carlsen, Emil Carlsen (2), Samuel S Carr (2), William Merritt Chase (2), Frederick E Cohen, Paul Cornoyer, Dean Cornwell (2), E Irving Couse (2), Konrad Cramer,
Jo Davidson (2), Joseph Decker, Charles Demuth, Frederick Dielman, Adelheid Dietrich, Stevan Dohanos (2), Thomas Doughty, Robert S Dunning,
Ernest Fiene (2), John B Flannagan, Joseph Floch, William C A Frerichs, Harriet W Frishmuth (6),
Ignaz M Gaugengigl, Gilbert Gaul, William J Glackens (2), Arthur C Goodwin, Aaron Henry Gorson, Morris Graves,
Hamilton Hamilton, Childe Hassam, Robert Havell Jr, Martin Johnson Heade (2), Edward Lamson Henry (2), Hermann Herzog (2), Aldro T Hibbard (3), Claude Raguet Hirst, Malvina Hoffman (2), Winslow Homer, Thomas Hovenden, Cecil de Blaquiere Howard (2), Grace Carpenter Hudson, Anna Hyatt Vaughn Huntington (4),
George Inness (3), Wilson Irvine,
Antonio Jacobsen (3), Cecil Jay, Maude Sherwood Jewett, David Johnson, Eastman Johnson (2), Joe Jones,
Max Kalish (6), William J Kaula, John F Kensett, Henry Hudson Kitson, Daniel Ridgway Knight (2), Walter Koeniger, Max Kuehne,
Anna Coleman Ladd (2), Sidney Laurence, Jacob Lawrence, Edward C Leavitt, Hayley Lever, Jack Levine, Edmonia Lewis, Joseph C leyendecker, George Luks (2),
Frederick W MacMonnies, Henry Machen, Paul Manship, George Herbert McCord, Jervis McEntee (2), Robert Tait McKenzie, Thomas Moran (2), A M R Grandma Moses (2), Frederick Mulhaupt, Walter Murch, John Francis Murphy, Jerome Myers,
Dale Nicholas,
Edmund H Osthaus (2),
Edith Barretto Parsons, Edgar S Paxson, William McGregor Paxton, Charles Wilson Peale, Granville Perkins, Enoch Wood Perry, Jane Peterson, John F Peto (2), Maurice B Prendergast, Levi Wells Prentice (3),
Joseph Raphael, Abraham Rattner, Edward W Redfield (2), William Trost Richards (2), Theodore Robinson, Norman Rockwell (3), Severin Roesen, Frederick Rondel, Harry Rosedale, Percival L Rosseau (2),
John Singer Sargent, Andrew T Schwartz, William S Schwartz, Janet Scudder, Joseph H Sharp (2), Charles Green Shaw, Charles Sheeler, Everett Shinn, Francis A Silva, Eric Sloane, Francis Hopkinson Smith (2), William L Sonntag (2), I Soyer, Raphael Soyer, Julius L Stewart, Gilbert Stuart,
Alfred Wordsworth Thompson, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Dwight William Tryon,
Elihu Vedder,
Martha Walter, Frederick J Waugh, Edwin Lord Weeks, Adolph Alexander Weinman (2), Julian Alden Weir, Theodore Wendel, William Wendt, Worthington Whittredge, Olaf Wieghorst (8), Guy Wiggins (2), Irving R Wiles, Carl Wuermer, Andrew Wyeth, James Wyeth, N C Wyeth (2),
William Zorach.

About 180 pages. About 115 lots shown in color photos, the others shown in black and white.
This catalog has lot numbers 1 through 222.

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