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Sothebys 6062. 
Sale location: NEW YORK. 
Sale date: September 26, 1990. 
Title, description: American Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture including:

  • Property of Friends of the Banning Park, sold to benefit the Banning Residence Museum, Wilmington, California
  • Property of the Theodore Earle Testamentary Trust
  • Property of an East Coast Institutional Collection
  • Property offered by the Trustees of the Edmundson Art Foundation, Inc., to benefit the acquisitions funds of the Des Moines Art Center
  • Property sold by order of the Trustees of the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden to benefit its acquisitions program
  • Property of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lucas, Newark, Delaware
  • Property of a Maryland Estate
  • Property sold by order of the Board of Trustees of the Milwaukee Art Museum to benefit the acquisitions fund.
  • Property of a New York Private Collector
  • Property of a Northeastern Historical Society
  • Property from a Private Collection, Louisiana
  • Property from a Private Collector, Morristown, New Jersey
  • Property of the Saltar Family, Ardentown, Delaware
  • Property of the Sisters of Providence of Saint-Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana
  • Property from the Harriet & Mortimer Spiller Collection, Buffalo, New York
  • Property from the Estate of Libbie Moody Thompson
  • Property formerly in the Collection of Andrew Tsanas, sold in cooperation with the Internal Revenue Service

231 lots with 116 shown in color and 115 shown in black & white photos. There are 12 sculptures.
 The pages are not numbered. This catalog is over 1/4 inch thick.

Artists listing (& how many lots if more than 1): Ernest Albert, Milton Avery (3), James Bama, Reynolds Beal,, Carroll Beckwith, Henry Benbridge (3), John William Bentley, Murray Percival Bewley, Albert Bierstadt (7), Emil Bisttram, Edwin Blashfield, Solon Borglum, William Bradford, Maurice Braun (2), Alfred Thompson Bricher, Frederick Arthur Bridgman, Arna S. Brittin, George Loring Brown, John Appleton Brown, John G. Brown (2), William Mason Brown, patrick Henry Bruce, Dines Carlsen, Emil Carlsen, John Fabian Carlson, Wliiam Meritt Chase, Samuel Colman, E. Irving Couse, Konrad Cramer, Allan Rohan Crite, Jasper Francis Cropsey (3), Edward Cucuel, Charles Courtney Curran (5), Andrew Dasburg, Manierre, Mauritz F.H. De Has, Thomas Doughty, Edward Dufner, Robert S. Duncanson, Charles Warren Eaton, Nick Eggenhofer (2), Philip Evergood, Jerry Farnsworth, Henry A. Ferguson, Harriet Whitney Frishmuth, Louis Agassiz Fuertes, Leon Gaspard, Gilbert Gaul, Sanford Robinson Gifford, Arthur C. Goodwin, Aaron henry Gorson, John R. Grabach (2), Richard Saltonstall Greenough, Walter Griffin, O. Louis Gugliemi (2), Robert Gwathmey,  Philip Leslie Hale, John McClure Hamilton, William M. Hart (3), Marsden Hartley, Edward Lamson Henry, Ernest Martin Hennings, Herbert Herget, Hermann Herzog (4), George Hetzel, Thomas Hill, Joseph Hirsch, Edward Hopper (3), George Inness, Wilson Irvine, David Johnson (2), Eastman Johnson, Frank Tenney Johnson (3), Francis Coates Jones, Hugh Bolton Jones, Wolf Kahn, Bernard Karfiol, John E. Kensett, John Ross Key (2), Charles Bird King (2), Dong Kingman (3), Leon Kroll, Yasuo Kuniyoshi, John La Farge, Gaston Lachaise, Harry Lachman, Paul Lacroix, George C. Lambdin, Sidney Laurence, Arthus J. Laws, Blanche Lazzell (2), Hayley Lever (3), Edmund Darch Lewis, Jonas Lie, William Lippincott, Frederick William MacMonnies, Reginald Marsh (3), Fletcher Martin, Alfred Henry Maurer (2), R Tait McKenzie, Joseph R. Meeker, Ivan Mestrovic, Louis Moeller (3), Thomas Moran (3), George L.K. Morris, Anna Mary Robertson (Grandma) Moses (3), William Sydney Mount, Frederick Mulhaupt, Dale Nichols, Elie Nadelman, Bror Julius Olsson Nordfeldt, Kenneth Nunamaker, Maxfield Parrish, Edgar Alwyn Payne, Jane Peterson, John F Peto, Edward Potthast, Elizabeth Nourse, Walter Launt Palmer, Maxfield Parrish (3), Edgar Samuel Paxson, William McGregor Paxton, Edgar Payne (2)Guy Pene du Bois, Jane Peterson (5), Ogden M. Pleissner, Alexander Phimister Proctor, Henry Raschen, Carducius Plantagenet Raschen, Morston C. Ream, Robert Reid, William Trost Richards (2), Louis Ritman (5), William Ritschel (2), Louis Ritter, Hugo Robus (2), Norman Rockwell (3), Harry Roseland, Percival Leonard Rousseau, Morgan Russell (2), Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Robert Salmon, Eugene Francis Savage, Harold von Schmidt (2), Janey Scudder, Warren Sheppard, John Sloan (2), Lawrence Beall Smith, Raphael Soyer, Lilly Martin Spencer, Harry Sternberg, Maurice Sterne, Albert Sterner, Julius Stewart, Herbert Martin Stoops, George Henry Story, Augustus Vincent Tack, Abbott Henderson Thayer, Anthony Thieme, John Trumbull, Dwight W. Tryon, Elihu Vedder, Bessie Potter Vonnoh (2), William Aiken Walker, W.C. Wall, Harry Wilson Watrous, Frederick J. Waugh, Max Weber, Adolph Alexander Weinman, William Wendt, Worthington Whittredge, Wheeler Williams, John Wollaston, Robert Wood, George Wright, Alexander H. Wyant, Andrew Wyeth, Jamie Wyeth and William Zorach.

A very nice older catalog with a good selection of paintings.


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