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Sale location: LOS ANGELES. 
Sale date: June 23, 2002. 
Title, description: The Playboy Auction - Collectibles and original artwork highlight this auction of Playboy & Hugh Hefner memorabilia. 
Order of sale: 
The Man, The Myth and The Magazine: lots 9000-9069. Original artwork for the covers, artwork from Playboys Clubs, V.I.P. Magazine, and a selection of Playboy Clubs & Playboy memorabilia including jewelry, costumes, cups & even a motorcycle. Artists include Art Paul, Bea Paul, Robert Hart, Chuck Miller, Pompeo Posar, Phil Bronstein & Mario Casilli, Haddon Hubbard Sundblom, Dennis Magdich, Robert Hoppe, David Wedgbury, Arv Miller, Bob Post, Leroy Neiman, Larry Fredericks, Rex Gonzales, Bill Hinz, and various artists. 
Playboy Pictorials: lots 9070-9120. All kinds of photographs, and design boards, many signed by the models. Models include Terry Ryan, Betty Page, Patti Wiggin, Joanne Arnold, Marion Scott, Surrey Marshe, Lisa Winters, Jayne Masfield, Diana Dors, Ellen Stratton, Ursula Andress, Jo Collins, Pamela Anderson, Anna Nicole Smith, Katarina, Cindy, Uma Thurman, Holly Joan Hart, the Dahm Triplets, Geri Halliwell, Kerissa Lynn Fare, Julia Schultz, Karen McDougal, and many others. 
Illustrations: lots 9121-9225. Original artwork from various magazines and artwork from the Playboy Mansion. A few of the artists in this section are: Chuck Miller, Brad Holland, David Hickman, Christina Ramberg, Kinuko Craft, Paul Davis, Charles Bragg, Roy Schnackenberg, Charles Slackman, Ton Ingham, Martin Hoffman, Franz Altschuler, Human Tan, Alex Ebal, Richard Frooman, and many more. 
The Pin Ups: lots 9226-9252. Alberto Vargas was the premier pin up artist. This section includes some wonderful selections by Vargas including the Vargas Girls from September 1966, March 1962, October 1960, September 1966, March 1964, July 1964, August 1966, November 1966, and the Pregnant Vargas Girl. A selection of Femlin and Playboy Bunny artwork by Larry Neiman & Don Lewis also are included in this section. 
Personalities & Politics: lots 9253 - 9336. Photographs and artwork of famous people including Malcolm X, Rev. Jessie Jackson, Fidel Castro, Jimmy Hoffa, James Bond 007, Sean Connery, Iam Fleming, Abbie Hoffman, Jack Nicholson, Joe Frazier, Timothy Leary, Sammy Davis, Jr., Ernest Hemmingway, Cassius Clay, and Andy Warhol. 
Music, Sports & Fashion: lots 9337-9398. Original artwork from a variety of artists: Richard Frooman, Kinuko Craft, Howard Mueller, Harvey Dinnerstein, Ben Denison, Dennis Luczak, Gray Morrow, Sydney Mead, Gene Szafran, Peter Lloyd, Alan Phillip?s, Gil Lehman, Andy Kazarosian, Robert Brunton, Martin Hoffman, Thomas Upshur, Roger Hane and many others. Also includes photographs of The Beatles, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, John Lennon & Yoko Ono, Keith Richards, Linda & Paul McCartney. 
Humor: lots 9399-9475. Humor was especially important to Hefner. From the beginning each issue of Playboy includes a significant group of cartoons drawn by the best artists. This section includes original artwork by Harvey Kurtzman, Will Elder, Frank Frazetta, Jack Davis, Russ Heath, Al Capp, Arnold Roth, Bill Utterback, Jack Cole, Alden Erickson, John Dempsey, Phil Interlandi, Eldon Dedini, Erich Sokol, Claude, Virgil Partch, Jim Beaman, Charles H Dennis, Renault, Seymour Fleishman, Borggren, Stanly Flemming, Bruce McCall, Gahan Wilson, Ed Gorey, Shel Silverstein, R Taylor, Buck Brown, Bill Murphy, Art Kuesz, and various artists. 
Fine Art: lots 9476-9509. Items commissioned from fine artists by Hugh Hefner & Art Director Art Paul. Artists included in this section are Leroy Neiman, Andy Warhol, Patrick Nagel, Ed Paschke, Roger Brown, Karl Wirsum, Pater Sato, Mel Ramos, Peter Max, Jose Luis Cuevas, and Christina Ramberg. 
509 lots, all shown in color, 200+ pages in this unusual catalog. Includes an index of Artists. Includes 1 foldout page of a Vargas girl. Any fan of Playboy will love this catalog. Each page has the Playboy Bunny at the bottom.

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