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Bonhams auction catalog sale #7595A 
Sale location: San Francisco 
Sale date: December 7 & 8, 2004 

Title: Antique Arms and Armor and Modern Sporting Guns 
A wonderful selection of Antique Arms and Armor, Modern Sporting Guns and War Medals. 
Including Property from a Florida Collection in storage since 1955 
Property of various owners 
Property from the collection of Charles Hager 
An Important Collection of Napoleonica from a Southern California Collection 
Property from the collection of Edward F Galda, Phoenix, Arizona: lots 3021-3364 includes a wonderful selection of War Medals! Including American WWI, WWII, Indian Wars, US Civil War, Spanish American War, Bavarian, Prussian, German, British and others. 
lots 2000-3364; full color, about 290 lots shown, many of the lots shown are include more than 1 item in the lot, 225 pages 

A good selection of guns including: Cased Colt Model 1849 Pocket revolvers, Cased Colt Model 1855 revolvers including a cased Colt Model 1855 Root sidehammer revolver, Colt Model 1862 Police percussion revolvers, Colt Model 1849 London percussion pocket revolver, Cased Colt Model 1862 Police percussion, Rare Colt Model 1855 revolving artillery carbine, Factory engraved Colt New Line 22 revolver, Colt Open Top pocket revolver, Colt House Model Cloverleaf revolver, Colt Paterson No. 3 Belt Model percussion, Colt Model 1860 Army percussion revolver, Factory engraved Colt Model 1851 Navy brevette, Colt Model 1889 Navy Double action revolver, Colt Model 1877 Thunderer double action revolver, An extremely rare factory engraved and gold-plated, Colt Model 1905 semi-automatic pistol Colt Model 1902 military semi-automatic pistol Colt pre-Woodsman semi-automatic pistol U.S. Colt Model 1911 semi-automatic pistol Colt Model 1903 pocket automatic pistol Colt Officer's Model double action revolver, Colt New Service Target double action revolver, Colt Army Special double action revolver, Colt Model 1851 Navy percussion revolver, Colt Model 1860 Army percussion revolver, Cased pair of English percussion officer's pistols, Cased pair of English percussion conversion, Cased pair of English flintlock officer's pistols, American single shot percussion pistols by Henry Deringer, American single shot percussion pistol by Gillespie, An unmarked Philadelphia style percussion derringer, An American single shot percussion pistol by Henry Derringer, U.S. Model 1836 flintlock martial pistols by Asa Waters, U.S. Model 1836 flintlock martial pistols by R Johnson, U.S. Model 1842 percussion martial pistol by Aston, Cased Manhattan Series II percussion pocket revolver, Whitney 2nd Model pocket percussion revolver, Manhattan Arms Co. series 1 pocket revolver, Metropolitan Arms Co. Police Revolver, Manhattan Arms .36 caliber revolver, James Warner pocket revolver, Massachusetts Arms Co. Maynard primed belt revolver, Bacon 1st model pocket revolver, Bacon 2nd Model pocket revolver, Bacon second model pocket revolver, Hopkins & Allen Dictator percussion pistol, A scarce B.F. Joslyn Army Model percussion revolver, William Uhlinger revolver marked D.D. Cone, Cased Robbins & Lawrence Co. pepperbox, Robbins & Lawrence pepperbox pistol, Marston three barrel derringer, Jacob Rupertus pepperbox pistol

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