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Sothebys Dolphin
Sale location: London 
Sale date: December 13, 1990 
Title: English Literature and History 
The letter by Queen Elizabeth I instructing her Admiral, Howard of Effingham, to put to sea against the Spanish Armada 
Correspondence of Queen Elizabeth of Bohemia and her family 
A Fine Collection of printed 18th century English Literature 
The Archive of the Lamb Family of Melbourne Hall 
Books and fine bindings from the Library of the Duke of Wellington 
A series of letters by John Ruskin about Rose La Touche 
A collection of books and manuscripts by or relating to Oscar Wilde 
Books and papers from the family library of Gerald Manley Hopkins 
Books and papers of Samuel Beckett from the collection of John Calder 
A collection of the earliest English sale catalogs 

Table of Contents: 
English Literature, 15th & 16th centuries; lots 1-5 
English Literature, 17th century; lots 6-13 
English Literature, 18th century, lots 14-83 
English Literature, 19th century; lots 84-205 
English Literature, 20th century; lots 206-311 
Royal Letters and Documents; lots 312-345 
English Literature, 19th century, lots 153-248 
History; lots 346-366 
Politics; lots 367-387 
Travel and Exploration; lots 388-393 
Military; lots 394-396 
Naval; lots 397-412 
Theatre and Cinema; lots 413-419 
Science and Technology; lots 420-430 
Religion; lots 431-433 
Economics; lots 434-442 
Bibliography and Scholarship; lots 443-444 
Art; lots 445-455 
The Property of the Duke of Wellington; lots 456-502 
Lots 1-502; 347 pages, about 215 black and white illustrations and 1 color illustration, the catalog is about 1 inch thick 
The images shown are: 
Covers: lots 14-73 
lot 313: Elizabeth I Superb Document marking the beginning of the Armada Campaign in England 
lot 413: Charles Chaplin Photograph 
lot 443: Part f a Collection of Early English Book Auction Catalogs

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