Animation Art:
Celluloids (cels) and all aspects of production artwork from the popular early period of Walt Disney Studios and Warner Brothers, including Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, to the more contemporary offerings.

Baseball, Golfing and Sports Memorabilia:
An overwhelming interest in baseball cards has spawned this new broad-based category that includes memorabilia like team jerseys, uniforms, signed baseballs, bats, trophies and cards. Other sports represented include boxing, hockey, basketball and football.  Golfing memorabilia f
rom St. Andrews to the Apple Tree crowd, these catalogs include the highlights of this favorite sport including pictures, equipment, letters and manuscripts from notable sportsmen.
Collectibles: Toys, Dolls, Music Boxes, Mechanical Music, Cameras, Costumes & Textiles:
Wooden, wax, china and bisque dolls, teddy bears and soft toys, lead soldiers, train sets and tinplate toys, cylinder and disc musical boxes, automata, embroidery and samplers and European costumes from 1600 to the 1980s. Original stage and costumes designs for the Ballet and Theatre.

Comic Books and Comic Art: 
The finest examples of comics and comic art; from the early newspaper art through the golden age of the 30s and 40s, from the horror and science fiction art of the 50s to the silver age art of the 60s. Also included are some new wave and contemporary comics and comic art.
Musical Instruments:
Violins and stringed instruments suitable for use by both orchestral players and soloists: also woodwind, brasswind, keyboard and other early instruments for specialist players and collectors.

Rock'n'Roll, Hollywood and Entertainment Memorabilia including POP Culture Sales and Movie Posters:
Stage costumes, Instruments, Manuscript and Photographic material and Memorabilia relating to Musicians from the 1950s to the 1990s. Celebrity-owned items, Hollywood and notable television memorabilia which includes costumes and props from some of the most beloved moments in entertainment history. Movie posters, costumes, props and related items from the famous and infamous movies of the past.

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