Books and Manuscripts

Books and Manuscripts

Atlases, Maps, Natural History, Travel and Topography:
Superb color-plate books and narratives, maps and atlases covering all parts of the world, giving vivid insights into the adventures of great explorers. Spectacular color-plate books of birds, beasts and flowers including some watercolors and scholarly works.

Audubon & Ornithology:
Superb works and narratives by John James Audubon and his followers. Spectacular color-plate books of birds, beasts and flowers including some watercolors and scholarly works.

Fine Printed Books, Manuscripts, Autograph Materials and related Properties:
General sales include all categories of books, maps, financial documents, bonds and share certificates. Fine printed books and manuscripts of all periods, including early printing, fine bindings, English and American literature, natural history, travel, color-plate books, science and historical autographs.

Early and Continental Books, Bindings, Manuscripts, Science and Medicine:
Books and manuscripts in most languages from most Western cultures, from the very beginnings of printing, including major modern illustrated books from France, Germany and Russia.

English Literature, History, Illustrated Books & Related Drawings:
Printed and manuscript literature and history throughout the English-speaking world, from Caxton to Samuel Beckett and King Henry VII to Gandhi, private press books and book illustration from the Renaissance to the present day.

Manuscript and Printed Americana:
Primary historical documents concerning the Americas, from the discovery, exploration and colonization of the New World to 20th century politics, warfare and social changes. The American Revolution and Civil War and such figures as Washington and Jefferson.

Music Manuscripts and Printed Music
Music Manuscripts and printed music by such composers as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms and Wagner.

Oriental Manuscripts and Miniatures and Western Illuminated Manuscripts and Miniatures:
Persian, Arabic, Turkish and Indian illuminated manuscripts and miniatures spanning a thousand years of artistic and literacy achievement. Lacquer work and oil paintings from the Qajar period.
Illuminated and decorated manuscripts written in Europe in the Middle Ages including Books of Hours, Bibles, literary texts from the classical period to the renaissance, documents, single leaves and miniatures from medieval manuscripts and illuminated manuscripts from the Christian Orient.

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