Asian Art including Chinese, Japanese, Southeast Asian, Indian and Himalayan

Asian Art including Chinese, Japanese, Southeast Asian, Indian and Himalayan

Chinese Ceramics, Porcelain, Jades, Textiles, Works of Art and Furniture:
The fruits of Chinese civilization across two millennia; archaic bronze vessels, the unrivalled traditions of pottery and porcelain including Tang funeral ware, classic Song ceramics, finest Ming blue and white and Qing porcelain and jades, lacquer ware, furniture and textiles of Imperial China. 

Chinese Snuff Bottles:  Bottles of rock crystal, jade, glass and porcelain finely carved or decorated.
Chinese Export Porcelain:  Also found the in Decorative Arts Category and American Furniture Sales
Late Ming and Qing porcelain including Armorial wares, famille-verte and famille-rose intended primarily for the Western market.

Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy:  Classical and Contemporary Chinese paintings and calligraphy. Many include fan paintings.

Japanese:  A wide selection of Japanese works of art including lacquer, netsuke and inro, ceramics and cloisonne enamel, metalwork, armour, swords, ivory carvings, textiles, paintings, screens and woodblock prints. 
Japanese Netsuke:  Netsuke, Inro and related objects, mostly from special collections.
Korean:  Scrolls, screens, ceramics, sculpture, lacquer and metalwork from the classical periods to the present.

Southeast Asian, Indian, Himalayan, Tibetan, Nepalese and the Indian Sub-Continent: Archaeological material, Buddhist and Hindu stone temple sculpture, bronze images, ritual objects, textiles, jewelry, religious and decorative art from the Himalayas, the Indian sub-continent and Southeast Asia from the first century AD to the present.

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